Photocall: Share your migration story

What is your migration story? Do you want to share your lived experience of moving to Norway? In the “Our migration history” project, researchers from the University of Stavanger are looking to document lived experiences of migration.

  • My parents work in Norway.png (rw_largeArt_768).png
    My parents work in Norway to earn more money and give more opportunities to me and my brother.
  • In Poland you are with family.png (rw_largeArt_768).png
    In Poland you are with your family the whole time.
  • Måne.png (rw_largeArt_768).png
    The moon shined so bright the night we fled.
  • Dream of true love.png (rw_largeArt_768).png
    I had a dream of true love. I am fullfilling that dream here in Norway.

Together with a survey that documents the lived experiences, challenges, contributions and support systems of immigrants in Norway, we also want you to help us capture this through photos. Read more about the research project behind the photocall below. The photos in the gallery are real examples from photos collected in a similar project last year. 

Share a picture of something meaningful, important or symbolic to you about your lived experiences in Norway. Send it to and include a caption or story with it! For example, you could begin with “I remember when...”   

Gift cards for lucky winners!

Selected photos will be part of our digital storytelling website ‘Documenting the undocumented’ #livedexperiences.

They will be displayed on our digital storytelling virtual gallery. Three selected photos will be awarded with 1000NOK gift cards from AMFI shopping center. 

Please share this post and our hashtag (#mylivedexperience) on social media. Please note that your picture should not include images of people who have not agreed to be photographed.

Good luck, we are looking forward to seeing your photos!

Collaboration with MUST and schools

Post-Doctor Linn Normand is a researcher at the University of Stavanger. Together with Stavanger Museum, the Cultural History Department, and six professional teachers and classes from Sola and St Svithun high schools, she runs a project to document immigration to Stavanger and the surrounding region. The project also collaborates with award-winning Iranian cartoonist and former ICORN freelance artist, Ali Dorani.

- To carry out this important and resource-intensive work and reach out to as many informants as possible, we have conducted a survey, says Normand. She encourages anyone with a history of migration to complete the survey and share photos.

The purpose of the project is to gain increased knowledge about how immigrants experience life in the Stavanger region and Norway in general, also working with the DEMBRA-network and the research group working on democracy and citizenship at the University of Stavanger. 

- This is part of a larger research project "Documenting the undocumented: Immigrant voices of past and present", which is co-financed by Peder Sather Grant at UC Berkeley, and where we work with interested and students at the upper secondary, bachelor and master levels, on both sides of the Atlantic, says Normand.

The findings will eventually be published in scientific publications, but the material is also intended to be used in a teaching context. The digital photo exhibition is part of this, and the same goes for an exhibition at the Stavanger Museum.

- The goal is to develop minority perspectives on experiences of immigrating to Norway, concludes Linn Normand.