Photos from IOR NORWAY 2019

Did you attend our conference in March? Photographer Marius Vervik gives you the best shots from IOR NORWAY 2019.

  • IOR_2019-1.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    An army marches on its stomach.
  • IOR_2019-2.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    The registration crew is getting ready.
  • IOR_2019-8.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    2019 was the first year master students participated in the poster session.
  • IOR_2019-10.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    The busy registration area.
  • IOR_2019-11.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD students Micheal Oguntula, Lingya Wang and Ricardo Soares, all from NORCE Bergen.
  • IOR_2019-12.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Jon Sætrom (Resoptima), Reidar Bratvold (UiS) and Remus Hanea (Equinor).
  • IOR_2019-13.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Gunhild Bødtker, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-14.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Skandalebandet opened the conference.
  • IOR_2019-15.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Espen Norheim and Kyrre Knudsen.
  • IOR_2019-16.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    With songs like "Supply and Demand" and "Summer Oil", Skandalebandet met the perfect audience at IOR NORWAY.
  • IOR_2019-20.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø.
  • IOR_2019-22.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Christine Sagen Helgø and conference chair Tor Øyvind Skeiseid.
  • IOR_2019-24.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Centre director Merete Vadla Madland.
  • IOR_2019-27.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    State secretary Rikard Gaarder Knutsen.
  • IOR_2019-32.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    CEO Kristin Færøvik (Lundin) announced that Lundin will share all data from the Edvard Grieg field with the researchers at the Centre.
  • IOR_2019-33.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Knut Åm, Kristin Færøvik and Tor Øyvind Skeiseid.
  • IOR_2019-36.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Emanuela Kallesten, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-37.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Yosra Cherif, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-38.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Postdoc Ivan Torrijos, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-39.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Lunch time.
  • IOR_2019-42.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Knut Åm and Rikard Gaarder Knutsen.
  • IOR_2019-43.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Dhruvit Berawala (left) by his poster.
  • IOR_2019-44.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Eystein Opsahl explaining his work.
  • IOR_2019-45.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Kristin Færøvik talking to Rikard Gaarder Knutsen.
  • IOR_2019-47.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Entertainment by Svanhild Spanne and Tor Øyvind Skeiseid.
  • IOR_2019-51.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Karl Johnny Hersvik, CEO Aker BP.
  • IOR_2019-55.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Jone Hess, SVP DEA.
  • IOR_2019-56.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Tor Øyvind Skeiseid, Karl Johnny Hersvik and Jone Hess.
  • IOR_2019-57.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Dhruvit Berawala, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-59.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Lingya Wang, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-60.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Professor Reidar Bratvold.
  • IOR_2019-61.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Remus Hanea, Equinor/UiS.
  • IOR_2019-62.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Debate between Professor Reidar Bratvold (UiS), Executive Vice President Aina Berg (NORCE) and Senior Vice President Ole-Johan Molvig (Aker BP).
  • IOR_2019-66.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Professor Alex Hansen, NTNU.
  • IOR_2019-68.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Isaac Klewiah, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-69.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Parya Bayat, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-70.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Nonso Ihebuzor, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-71.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Ali Al-Ali, Heriot-Watt University.
  • IOR_2019-72.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Siv Marie Åsen, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-73.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    The registration crew; Mette Skretting, Elena Sikveland and Iren Lobekk.
  • IOR_2019-74.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Strengeplukk was playing the second day of the conference.
  • IOR_2019-76.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Professor Colin MacBeth, Heriot-Watt University.
  • IOR_2019-78.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Crowded by the lunch table, day two.
  • IOR_2019-80.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Conference attendees checking out the posters during one of the breaks.
  • IOR_2019-82.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Samira Mohammadkhani, DHRTC.
  • IOR_2019-83.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Postdoc Mahmoud Ould Metidji, IFE.
  • IOR_2019-84.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Parya Bayat, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-87.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Ingunn Westvik Jolma, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-93.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Eystein Opsahl gets the Skjæveland Award from rector Marit Boyesen. The award goes to the best young talent presenting at the conference.
  • IOR_2019-100.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Merete Vadla Madland got up on stage for a dance session with chair Tor Øyvind Skeiseid.
  • IOR_2019-104.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Anne Skjærstein, Lundin.
  • IOR_2019-105.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Skule Strand and Bartek Vik.
  • IOR_2019-109.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Martin Foss, IFE.
  • IOR_2019-111.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Anders Soltvedt, NPD.
  • IOR_2019-113.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Professor Arne Graue, UiB.
  • IOR_2019-114.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    The audience still hanging in after two full days of presentations.
  • IOR_2019-119.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Happy faces in the audience.
  • IOR_2019-120.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
  • IOR_2019-121.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
  • IOR_2019-122.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
  • IOR_2019-130.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Sameer Ahmed, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-132.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Carlos Izurieta, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-133.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Postdoc Trine Mykkeltvedt, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-134.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Eystein Opsahl, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-136.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Postdoc Michael Sargado, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-137.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Ramesh Subedi, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-139.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Stefano Tagliaferri, DHRTC.
  • IOR_2019-140.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Dr. Lesley James, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • IOR_2019-141.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Hedayatul Islam, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-142.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Gunnar Hjelmtveit Lille, OG21.
  • IOR_2019-144.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Gunnar Hjelmtveit Lille gave a presentation on technology adaption and why we have to speed it up.
  • IOR_2019-151.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Michal Porzer from the Technical University of Ostrava, Czeck Republic.
  • IOR_2019-152.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Luis Abaunza, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-153.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Arun Selvam, IFE.
  • IOR_2019-154.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Rasho Alo, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-157.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Siv Marie Åsen, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-158.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Hoang Nguyen, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-159.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Associate professor Pål Østebø Andersen, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-160.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Jan Inge Nygård, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-170.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Tania Hildebrand-Habel, Lawrence Cathles III and Arild Lohne.
  • IOR_2019-173.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Kjetil Hove, SVP Equinor.
  • IOR_2019-175.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Mario Silva, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-180.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    About 220 people attended the sixth annual IOR conference in Tjodhallen.
  • IOR_2019-188.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Karen Synnøve Ohm, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-189.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Anna Kvashchuk, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-193.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Natalie Linev'yuk, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-194.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Associate professor Dmitry Shogin, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-195.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Postdoc Birane Kane, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-202.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Rolf Johan Lorentzen, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-204.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Professor Yu-Shu Wu, Colorado School of Mines.
  • IOR_2019-206.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Bjarte Hetland, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-210.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Tine Bredal, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-211.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Eirik Nesvik, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-212.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    PhD student Jaspreet Singh Sachdeva, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-213.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Master student Magnus K. Raaholt, UiS.
  • IOR_2019-216.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Sarah Gasda, NORCE.
  • IOR_2019-218.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Lesley James, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • IOR_2019-220.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Santiago Drexler, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
  • IOR_2019-222.jpg (rw_largeArt_768).jpg
    Ying Guo, NORCE, summed up the conference.

The people, the presentations, the food and the networking. In this photo series you will find the highlights from IOR NORWAY 2019. All photos: Marius Vervik