Research seminar 2014

The second research seminar of the Norwegian research group of "Animals in Changing Environments" is held at UiS Friday October 24th, with the theme "Representation of animals". The program includes Kadri Tüür of the University of Tartu, Estonia. She is also featured in a presentation of the book The Semiotics of Animal Representations at Bokkafeen the same day.

Program for research seminar no. 2:
"Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis" with the theme "Representation of animals"


Time: Friday October 24th 2014

Place: KA-053, Kjell Arholms hus, University of Stavanger


10.15–10.30 Opening

10.30–11.15 Kadri Tüür (University of Tartu, Estonia): Semiotics of the Literary Representations of Animals

11.15–12.00 Kristin Armstrong Oma (Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger): Herding, Training and the Ontology of Being. How Working with Sheepdogs Informed My Approach to Sheep-herding Bronze Age Societies

12.00–12.15 Break

12.15–13.00 Paul Thibault (University of Agder): The Lived Full-bodied Sense-making of Human-Bonobo Interaction: Implications for Animal-Human Agency and Interactivity

13.00–13.45 Lunch

13.45–14.30 Morten Tønnessen (University of Stavanger): Animal Agency in Politics and Eco-Existentialism

14.30–14.45 Concluding discussion



To register, write to Those who register by October 19th gets a free lunch. 


Book presentation:
The Semiotics of Animal Representations
 featuring Kadri Tüür (University of Tartu) and Morten Tønnessen (UiS)

Time: Friday October 24th 2014 at 15.15-15.45

Place: Bokkafeen, UiS

Organised by the research project “Animals in Changing Environments: Cultural Mediation and Semiotic Analysis” (EEA Norway Grants/Norway Financial Mechanism 2009–2014 under project contract no. EMP151).