Royal praise for student racing car

H.R.H Crown Prince Haakon was inspired by the UiS students' own-built racing car. Not least because the students have chosen to go electric!

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    Crown Prince Haakon unveiled the ION Racing car together with team leader Erik Vassøy Olsen.
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    Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø (left), rector Marit Boyesen and team leader Erik Vassøy Olsen welcomed the Royal guest.
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    Unveiling in 1 -
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    -2 -
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    An auditorium packed with students, sponsors, press and prominent guests applauded the ION Racing students.
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    The ION team (in white t-shirts) with their latest technical wonder named «Mjölnir».

In a packed auditorium at the University of Stavanger on May 20, the Crown Prince took part in the unveiling of this year's car model from the student organisation ION Racing.

The entire event was captured on video (Norwegian language) 

«I find it incredibly inspiring meeting young people who have ability to innovate, power to deliver, and entrepreneurial blood flowing through their veins,» the Crown Prince said in his greeting speech.

ION Racing consists of 65 students at UiS who, every year, build a new racing car. Then they take it to England to participate in Formula Student, one of the biggest competitions in the world for engineering students. 

Symbol of sustainability
For the second year running, the Stavanger students go with an electric vehicle. That proved to be a popular feature with the Crown Prince.

«Electric cars are forward-leaning, environmentally friendly and symbols of the possibility for sustainable growth and new industry. You students are exponents of a new generation, who see solutions and find ways we can live in the future, without taking from generations to follow. I think that's a good thing, and the way we will shape Norway in the years to come», said the Crown Prince. 

Engineers of the future
Some 20 students wrote their bachelor theses based on their work on this year's car model, which has been given the Norse mythology name «Mjölnir». 

«Our vision is to create engineers for the future. By that we mean engineers who leave university with already relevant experience. That is exactly what ION Racing gives its member students. We turn theoretical knowledge into practical experience,» said head of marketing, Elias Moland.

High ambitions
Rector at UiS, Marit Boyesen, also congratulated the students with their achievements.

«ION Racing represents one of this university's highest ambitions: An active student environment, where theory can be applied to solve concrete problems» said Boyesen.

Text: Leiv Gunnar Lie
Photos: Elisabeth Tønnessen