The Food Trail at Ullandhaug

Join the Ullandhaug Food Trail for exciting food experiences from the Iron Age to modern day, exploring – and tasting – ancient and modern food. The “Food Trail” is part of the annual Science Week, and is open Sunday 30 September from 12.00 – 16.00.

Picture of two potatofaces Join the Ullandhaug Food Trail at 30 September

At the Iron Age Farm, you will get a glimpse of everyday life at Ullandhaug over 1500 years ago. Join one of our guided tours, participate in activities and taste roasted lamb straight from the cooking pit. Open café and exhibition.

All day: Try out activities from daily life in the Iron Age. You can grind flour, bake pan bread over the fire and make a wooden nail for the roof of the longhouse.

12 pm: Guided tour – Learn about life in the early Iron Age.
12.30 pm: Guided tour – Learn about the construction work taking place on the longhouse.
1 pm: Guided tour in English.
1 pm: Help build a long house in 1:3 scale.
2 pm: Taste roasted lamb straight from the cooking pit.
3 pm: Guided tour – Learn about life in the early Iron Age.

Would you like to know what organic spelt waffles taste like? Or homemade soup from the vegetables on the farm? Do you wonder what crops we grow on the organic farm at Ullandhaug? Just drop by and you can find out – and you can also meet our animals and do your shopping at our farm grocery shop while you are here.

All day: Café, sale of organic products and Eco-trail with questions about ecology.

Cooperation partners are Safteriet AS, Solvind AS, Friends of Ullandhaug Organic Farm, Økologiske Dagligvarer AS, the Organic Garden Association (Økologisk hagelag) and Økologisk Rogaland.

At the Ullandhaug Tower, Stavanger’s highest point, the “Friends of Sørmarka” association serves waffles and coffee. Come and enjoy both the food and the view – and test yourself with a quiz!

“A tree starts with a seed.” At the Stavanger Botanical Garden, you can learn more about seeds, fruits and how plants grow. You can also have a go at our scavenger hunt, join a guided tour, enjoy sample tastings or take a break at the pop-up café stand.

All day: See the exhibition about seeds and fruits and bring the family on a scavenger hunt in the garden – great fun for young and old alike! You can buy waffles, coffee, tea, juice and jam at the pop-up café stand. There will also be sample tastings.

1 pm and 3 pm: Guided tour of the herb garden: From seed to fruit.

At the University of Stavanger, our kindergarten and primary school teachers of tomorrow learn about sustainability – and an important aspect of sustainability is knowing how to use the delicious plants that nature gives us. The University of Stavanger has developed a number of educational apps. Come and learn how to use the app that shows you which edible plants you can find where you live. You will also get simple recipes and have the opportunity to taste food and drink made from wild plants.

All day: Learn how you can use more of nature’s edible plants. A new app guides you to colourful and free food right where you live. You can taste samples of this year’s plants and join a quiz with prizes. Organised by the University of Stavanger.

At Måltidets Hus, we study all aspects of food: how it tastes, how it smells, how it is prepared and – not least – the experience. This year, children can come and try their hand as a chef. You can test your sense of smell, you can try foods prepared with the cooking methods of the future, and you can see and taste the food we ate “in the old days”. You will also have the chance to vote for new products, what do you like best? In addition, you will learn about our research environment along the way.

All day: Visit Måltidets Hus and test your cooking skills, taste the food from old days, test your sense of smell and much more. Join a quiz and win great prizes. Good parking facilities.

Arkivenes Hus is located at the bottom of Ullandhaug, close to Måltidets Hus, and was opened in the summer of 2017. It houses 70,000 metres of shelves with the most important historical archives from all over Rogaland and is open to schools, students, researchers and the public. The archive material spans over 500 years, from around AD 1550 to today. The building itself has a high environmental standard, BREEAM Excellent.

All day: Do you wonder what home economics class used to be like? Have you heard of the Petroleum Wife’s Club? Come by and visit the exhibition, try out some activities from “the old days” and enjoy biscuits from PWC.

Ydalir Hotel opened in the spring of 2018 and is a close partner with the University of Stavanger. The hotel is named after the dwelling of the Norse god of hunting Ull – who in turn has given his name to Ullandhaug. Come and visit us and try your hand at shooting with a bow and arrow, order a snack in our restaurant and have a peek at some of our rooms!

All day: Try your hand at shooting with a bow and arrow, buy food at the café and have a peek at the hotel rooms!