National Science Week

The National Science Week (Forskningsdagene) takes place at the end of September every year - this year from the 18th to the 29th of September. The programme for this year's events provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about research conducted in the Stavanger region.

  • Kids doing their own research at the Science Fair in Stavanger
    Kids doing their own research at the research square in Stavanger.
  • Inge Særheim doing standup
    UiS-professor Inge Særheim doing StandUp about his research.
  • winner of the Researchers grand prix gets an award on stage
    The winner of last years Researchers grand prix, Kari Einarsen, gets her award on stage at Folken.
  • In a lecture room
    Children getting a lecture at UiS at the Childrens University during the Science Week.

The Science Week is a national, annual festival where research activities are transformed into practical demonstrations for the public. The 2019 event takes place from 18th to 29th September, and is a joint effort between the Research Council of Norway and more than 200 local organizers throughout the country.

This year’s theme is "environment".

In Stavanger, 14 institutions involved in research collaborate to organize the Science Week. We have over 20 different events during the festival period, and around 50 researchers are involved. 

Here is some of the stuff you should check out at this year's festival in Stavanger:

Science Expo in Stavanger

One of the events of the Science Week in Stavanger is the so-called Science Expo ("Forskningstorget"). If you are curious by nature and interested in research and science, you should visit the Science Expo Saturday 21 September from 11 am to 3 pm on the main square "Torget" in Stavanger City Centre.

At the fair both children and adults will get a chance to marvel about the many secrets of research. Drop by to see, touch, taste, ask questions, do simple experiments and learn about research in our region!

Researcher's Grand Prix at Folken

On Thursday 26th of September at 7 pm, 9 Ph.D candidates from Stavanger will compete in the regional dissemination championship. The topics span from carbon capture and storage to pelvic pains in pregancy. 

Contestants present their research in a captivating and educational way in front of a large audience and a panel of judges. The judges give their feedback after each performance, and then it is time for the audience to cast their votes.

The winner and the runner-up this evening will participate in the national Grand Prix final in Stavanger 28th of September 2019.

The Food Trail at Ullandhaug

Join the Ullandhaug Food Trail for exciting food experiences from the Iron Age to modern day, exploring – and tasting – ancient and modern food. The Food Trail is part of the annual Science Week, and is open Sunday 29th of September from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Read more about the Food Trail. 

Learn more about this year's Science Week programme (in Norwegian)

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The Science Week takes place all over Norway - including Stavanger - between the 18th and the 29th of September.