The Food Trail at Ullandhaug

Join the Ullandhaug Food Trail for exciting food experiences from the Iron Age to modern day, exploring – and tasting – ancient and modern food. The “Food Trail” is part of the annual Science Week, and is open Sunday 29 September from 12 – 4 pm.

Picture of two potatofaces Join the Ullandhaug Food Trail at 30 September

At the Iron Age Farm, you can see what everyday life was like at Ullandhaug over 1500 years ago. Join one of our guided tours, participate in activities and taste roasted lamb straight from the cooking pit. Open café and exhibition.

All day: Try out activities from daily life in the Iron Age. You can grind flour, bake pan bread over the fire and make a wooden nail for the roof of the longhouse.


Try out activities from life in the Iron Age.
12 pm: Guided tour – Learn about life in the early Iron Age (in Norwegian).

11 am – 12.30 pm: Try to spin thread and weave it on our vertical loom. 12.30–14.00: We grind flour and make bread on the fireplace.

1 pm: Guided tour about wool. Short lecture about the importance of sheep keeping – before and now (in Norwegian).

1 pm: Guided tour – Learn about life in the early Iron Age (in English). 13.30: Taste roasted lamb straight from the cooking pit.
2 pm: Guided tour – Learn about life in the early Iron Age (in Norwegian).

2 –4 pm: Try your skills with bow and arrow.

ALL DAY: Sale of food and drinks in Café Ask and Embla.
Try our signature dish SODD with origins dating back to the older Iron Age.


Enjoy the view – and the waffles, juice and coffee that are for sale from Sørmarkas venner. Quiz with prizes for children.


Café, sale of organic products and Eco-trail with questions about ecology. Collaborators are Safteriet AS, Solvind AS, Friends of Ullandhaug Organic Farm, Økologiske Dagligvarer AS, the Organic Garden Association (Økologisk hagelag) and Økologisk Rogaland.


1 pm and 2 pm. Guided tour (in Norwegian): Plants for an environmentally friendly garden
All day: Quiz trail for families. Samples and refreshments available. You can buy waffles, coffee, tea, juice and jam at the pop-up café stand.


Try your hand at shooting with a bow and arrow, buy food at the café and have a peek at the hotel rooms!

MÅLTIDETS HUS (House of the meal)

At Måltidets Hus, we study all aspects of food: how it tastes, how it smells, how it is prepared
and – not least – the experience – and we are concerned about how it affects the climate and the environment. You can have tastings, but you can also participate in the research that ́s behind the food we buy in the stores. Nofima opens the research hall and guests can try new fish products, BluePlanet shows films about ocean life and at UiS Core you can learn more about plastic pollution in the sea, and learn more about what type of plastic litter that does the most damage. Join our Birthday Party! Måltidets hus celebrates its first 10 years. The Fazer canteen makes our birthday cake and everyone is invited to the celebration.

ARKIVENES HUS (House of archives)

Come by the House of Archives and take a look at the exhibition! Taste soup and coconut waffles! We have many fun activities for the kids!