Tracking down the trolls

When the Australian journalist Ginger Gorman became a victim of online hate in 2013, she decided to go after her predators and confront them. On September 25th she will be talking to UiS professor Helle Sjøvaag about her book "Troll hunting" (2019) and how online hate affects journalism.

Portraits of Helle Sjøvaag and Ginger Gorman Professor Helle Sjøvaag (left) will be talking to Ginger Gorman about online hate and journalism, and Gorman's book "Troll hunting". Photo: Line Owren

In 2013, the award-winning Australian journalist Ginger Gorman was viciously trolled online by people who threatened her and her family - and left her terrified. But instead of just weathering the storm she decided to dig into the world of online hate to find out what drove the online haters to unleash such attacks. 

In February 2019 she launched her book "Troll hunting" – a detailed account of what she discovered. Now she is visiting Norway as an expert on cyber bullying and will appear both at the Science Week and the KnowHow EdTech conference. 

On Wednesday 25th of September she will be talking to UiS professor Helle Sjøvaag in the university library here at the UiS about online trolling and journalism in the age of digital media. 

The conversation will be held in English.

When: Wednesday September 25th at 1pm
Where: The University Library, Ullandhaug