Spreading the good word

One of the first academic textbooks in English on social pedagogy has been written by professor Paul Stephens at the University of Stavanger (UiS).

“Social pedagogy is a fairly new discipline in countries such as the UK and the USA,” explains Stephens, who is a member of the department of social studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

“But a growing number of universities are now offering the subject at both BSc and MSc level. So this could be a relevant text for students studying it in English.”

His book is called Social Pedagogy: Heart and Head, and Stephens says he is pleased that the subject is also catching on in his British homeland.

Social pedagogy focuses on upbringing and education viewed in relation to socialisation and social adjustment. Interaction with other people occupies a central place.

Among other aspects, the subject provides a theoretical dimension in the education of child welfare officers.

Red cover of the book

Prof Paul Stephens' new book on social pedagogy