Strategic plan 2030 – voice your opinion

The consultation draft for a new strategic plan for the University of Stavanger was approved by the University Board on 11 June. The document has been submitted for consultation, where stakeholders may offer their feedback by 15 September.

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The process of creating a new strategic plan started in 2019, and employees, students and partners have been broadly involved throughout.  

Six themes have been lifted up as key focus areas for the new strategy: Green transition, Energy, Health, Learning for life, An open and inclusive university and An attractive study and work environment.  

The board is set to approve the new strategy at its meeting 22 October 2020.  

Our societal mission, vision, profile and values  

Early in the process it became clear that there was a general agreement about our societal mission, vision, profile and values. Consequently, our societal mission to challenge what is well known and explore the unknown, still stands. The same goes for our vision to be a driving force for knowledge development and change, our profile as an innovative university and our core values of being independent, involving and innovative. These elements will be incorporated into the new strategic plan.  

Give us your feedback!  

During the consultation process the university is inviting everyone to share their views on the six key focus areas, the level of ambition and the bullet points following each of the key focus areas. 

Rector Klaus Mohn would also like input on whether the strategy is clear enough, if it is considered properly linked to our societal mission, if it responds to the challenges of our time and whether it is perceived to strengthen the University of Stavanger towards 2030.  

The consultation draft  is available here.  

Please emaile your response to by 15 September 2020.  

If you have any questions about the strategy process you can email 

Read more about the current strategy here.  


Green transition  

UiS will compare favourably with the best institutions within research, teaching, innovation for sustainable transition, for the benefit of our region, nation and the planet. 

Norway is facing a substantial transition that will particularly impact the Stavanger region. Knowledge must be created to drive trade and industry and the society in a direction that can contribute to solving the great challenges of our times. Through a green transition the UiS will facilitate a more sustainable and just development of our society, new ways of managing natural resources as well as improved cities and communities.   


UiS will have a leading position within research, education and innovation in the energy field. Our competence within technology, economy and understanding of society shall meet the needs for transition in terms of energy supply.  

A fundamental prerequisite for a sustainable future is that the world’s growing need for energy is met with sustainable solutions. The UiS will, together with our partners, contribute to this transition by developing our unique competence and create an integrated and multidisciplinary profile within energy research and education. 


UiS will use knowledge, competence, innovation and new forms of collaboration to develop a unique position in the intersection between academia, industry, health services and welfare systems.  

Demographic trends, demands for higher quality and a growing shortage of resources raise large and complex challenges within health and welfare in the years to come, both in Norway and globally. Improved treatments as well as structures and administration of health and welfare services must build on knowledge within medicine, health science, technology, economic and social science and welfare research. UiS will be associated with excellent study programmes, research and collaboration that promote health and welfare from cradle to grave.  

Learning for life 

UiS will be recognised for its offer of high-quality education, for excellent cross-disciplinary research into learning and knowledge development throughout the education system and in all parts of society. We will prepare people for a constantly changing working life, but also stimulate critical reflection and the evolvement of future citizens.  

UiS will contribute to giving people in all phases of life access to high-quality education. We will develop new knowledge about learning and learning environment for children and adolescents and contribute to better education from kindergarten to university through our candidates and our collaboration with the practice field. We will offer relevant education for various stages of working life, including general knowledge about culture, democracy, sustainable development and life skills to facilitate learning for life in the wider sense. 

An open and inclusive university  

UiS will be collaborative, generous and inclusive, and facilitate vibrant arenas for critical reflection, knowledge sharing and cultural exchange. 

The University of Stavanger will be a hub for the power of thought where barriers are broken down between academic environments and towards the world. Where people of different backgrounds, disciplines and traditions can meet for discussions and critical reflections with an offer of high-quality education and research suitable to meet the great challenges of our times. Where ideas flow freely, new knowledge and insights are further developed to the best of our society. 

An attractive study and work environment  

UiS will be a place where excellent results among students, researchers and other employees are supported by a positive study and work environment. This will attract competent students and employees.  

UiS will be one of the most attractive universities for (both) academic and career opportunities. We are driven by a conviction that attractiveness is closely linked to quality in our core functions. Through our quality work we will become an even greater university and strengthen our ability to compete for proficient students and employees.