Students, staff and visitors may return to campus

UiS campuses are finally open again to students, staff and visitors – as long as everyone complies with existing rules and advice on infection prevention.

Students outside Kjell Arholms house at campus Ullandhaug Finally students, staff and guests can visit the university campuses.

People are now welcome to return to UiS campuses.

The UiS adheres to the same infection control guidelines as other workplaces and have our own infection control precautions. Persons who experience respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, fever or other corona-like symptoms shall not visit UiS campuses.

Everyone must disinfect/wash their hands upon entering and exiting UiS premises

Students, staff and visitors are requested to either walk, cycle or drive a car to campus. If you have to use public transport, please avoid rush hour and make sure to observe the NIPH’s advice for public transport passengers.

Please