The IOR conference summed up

160 experts from the industry joined this year's IOR NORWAY 2017.

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    Lars Høier (from the left), Shawket Ghedan, David Puckett and Arvid Østhus.
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    Arvid Østhus from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.
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    Ann Muggeridge, Chair of EAGE, led the debate.
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    After the debate, it was time for Centre Director Merete Vadla Madland to announce the prize winners.
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    Oddbjørn M. Nødland and Mona Wetrhus Minde were awarded with The Skjæveland Award. To the right Centre Director Merete Vadla Madland at The National IOR Centre of Norway.
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    Oddbjørn M. Nødland.
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    A thankful Mona Wetrhus Minde after receiving the award.
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    Three out of four prize winners: Oddbjørn M. Nødland, Mona Wetrhus Minde and Han Byal Kim.

In total close to 400 delegates from both industry, academia and national authorities attended this year's IOR conference hosted by The National IOR Centre of Norway and EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers). As a final wrap, four well known experts summed up this year's theme – sustainability – in a panel debate.

Lars Høier (Statoil), Shawket Ghedan (Computer Modelling Group), David Puckett (UK Oil and Gas Authority) and Arvid Østhus (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) gave their views on different topics.

Keeping the talents

«I'm very glad that the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate are pushing us when it comes to research and development. In a cyclic industry as ours, it's crucial to continue developing new methods and keeping the talents,» Lars Høier said.

«Things are picking up slowly. In Statoil there will be a need for a lot of people in a few years. We need young talents. We need ideas,» he continued.

Arvid Østhus in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate shared this view.

«We must transfer our knowledge to the next generation,» Østhus said.

So, what does sustainability – the conference theme – mean to this crowd of experts?

«The most sustainable action is to reduce costs in the industry. We must continue that journey,» Høier said.

Boosting the Centre

The National IOR Centre of Norway was highlighted as a success by the experts. Lars Høier in Statoil claimed that centres like this is a key factor to maintain high quality on research and development.

David Puckett from the UK Oil and Gas Authority used the phrase «Early Or Regret», playing on the abbreviation EOR (enhanced oil recovery).

«In the UK we don't have centres like yours. We need to recognize what you do here,» Puckett said.

Arvid Østhus got the last words in the debate.

«At conferences like this we can motivate each other, but we must also take the next step; we need to get out of the labs and do the field tests,» he said.

Text and photo: Kjersti Riiber