The straight A student

Master student Håkon Sunde Bakka was awarded the Best Master Student Award 2016 by SPE Stavanger for his excellent academic performance at University of Stavanger. Director of The National IOR Centre of Norway, Merete Vadla Madland, has supervised Bakka with his Master Thesis.

Håkon Sunde Bakka with the diploma for Best Master Student Award 2016 from SPE Stavanger. Håkon Sunde Bakka won Best Master Student Award 2016 from SPE Stavanger.

The award is given to students with excellent academic performance in oil and gas related studies at the University of Stavanger. The prize is awarded to an undergraduate and a PhD student in addition to the master prize that Bakka received. The jury makes its decision based on grades, resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation written by an academic employee at the University of Stavanger.

Straight A's

Bakka believes one of the reasons he won the award was the fact that he has straight A's from the University of Stavanger:
"I have 32 out of 32 A's. I have also had several student assistant positions while I have been studying here," he adds.

Bakka has also held various internships during his studies, as well as a 20% job. He has been part of the Petrobowl team in 2014 and 2015.

Impressed supervisor

Supervisor Merete Vadla Madland is very impressed by Bakka's achievements:
"He shows great commitment and enthusiasm, and is a role model for other students," she says.

And the road ahead is already set for the award winner:
"I am one of the lucky few that has secured a job in the industry," he says.
He will be working at Statoil, with the Johan Sverdrup project.