UiS in tunnel safety cluster

The Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster (NTSC) has received funding from Innovation Norway's Arena programme. The University of Stavanger holds an important role in the collaboration.

Developing innovative and sustainable solutions for better tunnel safety, both in Norway and internationally, is the purpose of the cluster.

The cluster counts 69 members at present, of which 55 are businesses. Public stakeholders include Stavanger University Hospital, Stord/Haugesund University College, Rogaland Fire and Rescue IKS and the University of Stavanger.

UiS is represented by its research group within societal safety.

PhD students

Funds from the cluster will be spent on development activities within tunnel safety. This will in turn contribute to improving adaptability, securing jobs and creating new ones.

Professor Ove Njå at the Department of Industrial Economics, Risk Management and Planning (IØRP) explains that five PhD students from UiS will participate in activities connected with the civil protection centre in Rogaland (SASIRO). 

"The cluster collaboration is right at the heart of the conceptual basis of the centre. It is intended to be a meeting point for professions, innovators and academics."

Four clusters

NTSC is one of four clusters that will be funded through the Arena programme (opens in new window) or the Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE).

Read more about the funding at the Rogaland County Authority website 

Text: Lars Gunnar Dahle 




Foto av tunnelåpning

UiS satser på tunnelsikkerhet (Foto: Wikimedia Commons)