University of Stavanger to host first chess super tournament in Norway

The eight best chess players in the world, including Norway's world number one, Magnus Carlsen, meet at the University of Stavanger on May 7th to kick off the first ever chess super tournament on Norwegian soil.

Norway Chess 2013 takes place in the Stavanger area May 7th to 18th 2013. The field of ten players includes the eight best players in the world, amongst them world number one Magnus Carlsen. This is the first time the world elite has been gathered in Norway. Norway Chess will be the strongest tournament ever in Norway, if not the world. The nine rounds take place in different and spectacular locations in the Stavanger region.

The University of Stavanger will host the blitz event on the opening day of the tournament May 7th.

Blitz is a fast and exciting form of chess, more interesting for the casual chess enthusiast than "regular" chess, which usually lasts for several hours. In blitz chess, each player has 5 minutes to play the entire game. The first player to run out of time, loses.

The blitz tournament at UiS takes place in the large auditorium in the Arne Rettedal building at 17.00 on May 7th.

Student price for tickets is 75 NOK. There will be an open commentary room with Dutch chess journalist and editor of New In Chess magazine, Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, commenting live on the games. In addition, there will be a press room for journalists.

Magnus Carlsen is the clear favourite to win both the main tournament and the blitz event. At the ripe age of 22, he has already beaten most records in what is often called the second most popular sport in the world (after football). Some of his career highlights:

  • Youngest ever world number one: 19 years and 32 days (previous record 20 years and 190 days)
  • Highest rating ever: 2872 (Kasparov's "unbeatable" record was 2851)
  • Highest rating performance ever: 3002

Only the formal title of World Champion is missing for Carlsen now. In March, he will play the candidates tournament in London, which will determine the next challenger to face Viswanathan Anand for the world crown. Anand will also be present in Stavanger, so this could be the preview of an epic encounter between the two later this year, should Carlsen triumph in London.

Promotion video for Norway Chess 2013:


Photo of Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen (22) of Norway currently holds the highest rating ever achieved in chess.