Welcome Ceremony

On Monday 14th August at 12.00 - 13.30 we welcome you to the Academic opening in the Fadder Festival on campus Ullandhaug.

Semesteråpning 2017

Free entrance.

Parts of the event will be in English.


  • Welcome to UiS by Rector Marit Boyesen
  • Welcome to Stavanger by Mayor Christine Sagen Helgø
  • Key speech by the Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie
  • Student speech by Jørgen Sjøberg, leader of the Student Organization (StOr) at UiS
  • Stavanger Forum's dissemination award by Director Jan Hauge.
  • Opening of the Fadder Festival by Fadder leader Silje Reitan.


  • Sumix
  • Rogaland Trommelom
  • Tian Quing and Goedele Taveirne from the Faculty of Performing Arts.
  • Stand up by Karsten Blomvik.