Welcome to Open University

The University of Stavanger welcomes everyone to a journey to knowledge on the UiS campus on sunday September 28th.

Picture of happy students jumping at campus. Staff and students at University of Stavanger welcomes everyone to get to know campus on September 28th.

The University of Stavanger wishes to mark its 10th anniversary by inviting the residents of our region to get to know us better.

On Sunday the 28th of september, we will open our doors and welcome one and all, big and small, on a journey towards knowledge at uis. The University of Stavanger is this region’s university. Our desire is to be open and transparent.

Behind the scenes
Our research results should be beneficial and visible in your daily life. the question remains: What lies behind these efforts? More importantly, who is behind the scenes?

On this day, you will meet staff and students who will give you an insight into the diversity of the university.

On the same day, we kick off the rich tradition of the Food Trail. , which is a part of National science Week 2014, will take you on a culinary journey in and around campus.

Bring the family
Attend a lecture, have a guided tour of one of our laboratories, create sculptures, watch experiments, join the clue hunt, go on the Food trail or simply enjoy yourself in one of our cafes and enjoy the ”student life”. On this day, we have activities for the whole family.

We are delighted to welcome you to our University and we hope that at the end of the day, when you leave our grounds, you will carry new knowledge with you.

Detailed programme for download (English section from page 20)