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Stenroos, Merja Riitta { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Stenroos, Merja Riitta", "tel": "Telefon: 5183 1365", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Fakultet for utdanningsvitenskap og humaniora
Institutt/senter Institutt for kultur- og språkvitenskap
Rom HG Q-205

Courses taught



The history of English; Middle English dialectology; historical sociolinguistics and pragmatics; late medieval text production and literacy; writing systems and orthography; historical corpus compilation


Utvalgte publikasjoner


Stenroos, Merja (2012), ?The gender of loanwords in Southwest Midland texts of the thirteenth century? in J. Esquibel and A. Wojtys (eds.), Explorations in the English Language: Middle Ages and Beyond. Studies in English Medieval Language and Literature. Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main.

Stenroos, Merja and Kjetil Thengs (2012), ?Two Staffordshires: real and linguistic space in the study of Late Middle English dialects? in J. Tyrkkö, M. Kilpiö, T. Nevalainen and M. Rissanen (eds), Outposts of Historical Corpus Linguistics: From the Helsinki Corpus to a Proliferation of Resources. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, 10. Helsinki: Research Unit for Variation, Contacts and Change in English (VARIENG), University of Helsinki.

Kretzschmar, William A. Jr and Merja Stenroos (2012), ?Evidence from surveys and atlases in the history of the English language? in T. Nevalainen and E. Traugott (eds). The Oxford Handbook of the History of English. New York: Oxford University Press.

Stenroos, Merja and Martti Mäkinen (2011), ?A defiant gentleman or ?the strengest thiefe of Wales?: reinterpreting the politics in a medieval correspondence?. In: A. Jucker and P. Pahta (eds), Communicating Early English Manuscripts. Cambridge: CUP.

Stenroos, Merja (2010), ?The pronoun of address in Piers Plowman: authorial and scribal usage?, Journal of Historical Pragmatics 11: 1-31.

Stenroos, Merja (2008), ?Amarscled in ?The Man in the Moon??, Notes and Queries 55: 400-404.

Stenroos, Merja (2008), ?Order out of chaos?  The English gender change in the Southwest Midlands as a process of semantically-based reorganisation?, English Language and Linguistics, 12.3: 445-473.

Stenroos, Merja (2007), ?Sampling and annotation in the Middle English Grammar Project?, in A. Meurman-Solin and A. Nurmi (eds), Annotating variation and change. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, 1. Helsinki: Research Unit for Variation, Contacts and Change in English (VARIENG). 


Electronic resource:

Stenroos, Merja, Martti Mäkinen, Simon Horobin and Jeremy Smith (compilers), The Middle English Grammar Corpus (MEG-C), version 2011.1. March 2011, University of Stavanger  [version 1.0 published in 2008]


Pågående forskning


Main current research commitment: The Language and History of Middle English Documentary Texts, a four-year project funded jointly by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Stavanger.

The project forms part of a longer-term research programme at Stavanger: the Middle English Scribal Texts Programme.





Professor in English Linguistics, Department of Cultural Studies and Languages, University of Stavanger


Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis) in English Linguistics, School of Humanities/Department of Cultural Studies and Languages, Stavanger University College/University of Stavanger. 


Research and teaching assistant, Department of English Language, University of Glasgow



Undergraduate level: introductory lectures on the English language (examen facultatum); courses in English phonetics and lexicology, international English, sociolinguistics and the history of English. Supervision of Bachelor theses with seminar, sociolinguistic fieldwork course and research ethics. 

Masters level: Courses in writing systems, book history and the history of English; introductory lectures in Literacy Studies and seminars with academic writing workshop. Supervision of 11 completed Masters theses. 

PhD level: courses in 'Historical texts as linguistic evidence' and 'Sound change in the history of English'. Completed supervision of one PhD thesis: Vibeke Jensen, ?Studies in the dialect materials of medieval Yorkshire? (2007-2010). Ongoing supervision of two PhD theses: Kjetil V. Thengs, ?Studies in the dialect materials of the medieval Northwest Midland area' (2010-; to be completed in 2013); Mari Munthe Landsnes, ?Leaving no traces: the Lollard construction of group identity through texts? (2012-; to be completed in 2015)



Coordinator of the Masters Programme in Literacy Studies, University of Stavanger, 2008-

Leader of the Research Programme Area in North Sea Language History, University of Stavanger, 2008-         

Member of The Faculty of Arts and Education PhD Programme Committee (DUHUM), University of Stavanger, 2007-