New leader and organisation at CORE

Associate Professor Hanne Røland Hagland is appointed new leader of the Centre for Organelle Research (CORE) at the University of Stavanger.

Hanne joined CORE in September 2015. She has a background in molecular biology and cancer research from England and from the University of Bergen. 

The leader function at CORE is being split into an academic and an administrative economic unit. Hanne is responsible for the study programmes in Biological Chemistry and is now taking over the scientific organisational tasks from Peter Ruoff, who will continue as a professor at CORE.

- I would like to thank Peter for the job he has done as CORE leader, and wish him the best for his future endeavors, which will allow for more research and teaching, says Gro Johnsen, Head of Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Medical research

Hanne Røland Hagland defended her PhD thesis in 2012 on the topic “Cellular responses to metabolic stress” and was later employed by Stavanger University Hospital as a researcher working on colorectal cancer. She has held positions in various boards within academia and institutes as well as within the public sector.

Academic matters should be directed to Hanne Røland Hagland, who is also responsible for the study programs in Biological Chemistry.

Contact CORE

Contact information for CORE: Hanne Røland Hagland, Phone 51831282, E-mail For administrative and economic matters: Henning S. Olsen

CORE is located in Måltidets Hus on campus Ullandhaug.

New CORE leader Hanne Røland Hagland

New CORE leader Hanne Røland Hagland