Meet the team!

The Fadder Festival is being arranged by students every year. Who are the people behind this years festival?

This year’s Fadder festival will be arranged between the 14th to the 20th of August. The goal of the festival is to make all the new students feel as welcome as possible. Last year more than 4600 students joined the festival. Just like any other year, the team is hoping for even more participants this year. 

The board has already started planning what we all hope is going to be the best festival yet. These are the people behind the Fadder festival 2017:

Fadder President

Name: Silje Iren Reitan
Tlf. 51832424 / 45211309
Age: 22
Studying: Bachelor in Nursing 

The reason I chose to join the board is because I knew what the Fadder Festival means to me. I want to give every new student the best week they can have before starting their studies. For me it is important that every student feels welcome at the University, and thus make new friends to go with during classes. The Fadder Festival can open many new doors, for example, you can get to known the student organizations at the University and became a member of them!


Name: Tuva Rønning
Tlf. 47650805
Age: 24 years
Studying: Masters in Civil Protection.

Last year I was the communications coordinator, and I enjoyed that very much. Yet I wanted a bigger challenge and more responsibility, and therefore I applied for one of the vice-president’s position in this year’s board. I think it is very important to include all the new students at the University, so that they can get a good start to their first school year here in Stavanger. I will do everything I can to make this happen, and I look forward to it!


Vice-President and Event Coordinator

Name: Ricardo Nunez
Tlf. 40569450
Age: 30
Studying: MSc International Hotel and Tourism Leadership

When the Fadder board invitation was sent to the new students, I was fascinated by the concept of Fadder; the possibility of having a week full of fun and activities that would help me integrate into the school and the city. As an international student, this was crucial and I didn't hesitate to apply for the position because I knew that it will get myself involved in a school organization that could open more opportunities in the future. When I got offered the opportunity to continue for another year, I didn't think twice before saying yes!

Event Staff

Name: Antonio Torres
Age: 24
Studying: MSc International Hotel and Tourism Leadership

I decided to join the Fadder board due to several reasons. First, I think that working as an event coordinator may be a great asset for my future professional career, since it is very closely related with the Hotel and Hospitality sector. In addition, I think that the previous experience I have in hotels will help me carry out the tasks at Fadder. Also, collaborating with a University organization will improve my network in Stavanger and will help me to improve my Norwegian language skills.

Event Staff

Name: Rhine Birkenes
Age: 22
Studying: Bachelor in Nursing

I applied for this position in the Fadder board to engage in an activity that would not only do good in the student environment, but also give me the opportunity to expand my student network. I also want to contribute at different events that might influence in a great way the start of the semester for the new students. At the same time, you get to meet new people and have lots of fun! My "personal touch" in Fadder 2017 is that I always stay positive!


Sponsor Coordinator

Name: Senthalan Sellathurai

Age: 22

Studying: Construction engineering

The major reason for why I choose to join the Fadder board was that I wanted to influence the fadder festival and make it even better. And to become responsible for all of the sponsors gives me an excellent opportunity to do that. 


Communications Coordinator

Name: Marit Worpvik
Age: 24
Studying: Bachelor in TV and Multimedia Production 

I decided to join the Fadder board because I'm extremely social, love new challenges and I think the festival is a great way to make new friends. When I arrived in Stavanger, I was unsure if I wanted to join the festival or not. Having already been studying in London, I felt like I was a bit too old to do the whole “new student” thing again. I ended up joining last minute, and I'm so glad I did. I met many new people and it was a lot of fun. Being a Fadder-leader last year made me want to try something else within the "Fadder family" this year.

The festival is for all kinds of people and my goal is for everyone to feel included!


Fadder-leader Coordinator

Name: Erik André Nordeide
Age: 25
Studying: Bachelor in Nursing

One of the reasons that made me apply for the Fadder board is that I want to create a great and friendly environment for the new students at UiS. The “fadderuke” or the Fadder festival as we know it, is one of the few psychological efforts that the University of Stavanger have for the emotional and well-being of the new students arriving to town. One of my personal goals is that no student should ever feel alone at campus.


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