UiS will educate future data technologists

University of Stavanger, along with University of Amsterdam, University of Southampton and several European companies, has been awarded over 20 million in the recent Horizon 2020 announcement.

EDISON project is a 2-year project (started September 2015) with the purpose of accelerating the creation of the data science profession.

The project aim is to establish the new profession «data scientist» as a result of the development of computer science technologies – also called data-intensive or large-scale (Big Data) data technologies.

University of Amsterdam is the project coordinator.

These technologies change the way research is carried out, how academic staff think and how research data is used and shared.

​Associate Professor Tomasz Wiktorski at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is leading the project at the University of Stavanger. He is the youngest researcher at the faculty at the University of Stavanger who has received an EU project.

EDISON is the second Horizon 2020 project that UiS has been assigned, both at the Centre for IP -based Service Innovation ( CIPSI ) led by Professor Chunming Rong.

You can read more about the project at the EDISON project's web site.  


Tomasz Wiktorski

Associate Professor Tomasz Wiktorski at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is leading the project at UiS.