Cloud Computing

The University of Stavanger is involved in a variety of research and innovation projects within cloud computing and big data processing. The research is anchored in CIPSI - Centre for IP-based Service Innovation.

The core competence of the CIPSI centre is big data processing and security in the cloud. 

Varied application

The cloud computing researchers develop innovative technologies together with several global partners. CIPSI has projects within these areas:

  • welfare technology in homes
  • smarter solutions for utilities
  • traffic and water in urban environments
  • integrated and subsea operations in the offshore petroleum industry
  • green datacenter for environmental challenges
  • security systems for commercial companies looking to use cloud computing.

Smarter cities

University of Stavanger is one of the partners in the Triangulum project. UiS researchers will contribute to the project with cloud computing technology and energy efficiency expertise. The Triangulum project is detailed in the submenu.

In 2012, Stavanger was one of five cities worldwide that won the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge. The municipality of Stavanger and the University of Stavanger will receive 2.3 million NOK (about 300,000 euro) worth of council and welfare technology from IBM.


The same year, the Safer@home project was highlighted by the Norwegian Research Council as a good example of innovation in the public sector. The Council praised the project for developing new technologies that can be used to offer better welfare systems.

Cloud Computing