Making ideas commercial

Have you got an idea or have you done research that could be considered for commercialisation? The University of Stavanger has set up its own innovation company to support you in this process.

Validé logo

Validé is UiS’ own innovation tool box and could support you through all phases of a commercialisation process.

We work hands-on with researchers contributing to defining, maturing, assessing and verifying ideas and establishing a company if a business potential is identified.

Validé is a joint company for all research activities within The University of Stavanger, IRIS (The International Research Institute of Stavanger) and other research clusters in the region. 

Research programmes

Validé promotes research and demand-based innovation and is also responsible for these programmes:

  • The Research Council of Norway’s FORNY-program
  • the INNOMED programme run by The Norwegian Directorate for Health
  • the VRI-Helse health programme, which is run jointly by The Norwegian Research Council and Rogaland County.

Innovation and business

Validé focuses on innovation and business development – building bridges between research and industry. Please visit Validé's web pages for more information.