Research stay abroad / mobility

I want to go on a research stay abroad. How much financial support can I get?
There is a range of schemes granting you financial support in connection with a research stay abroad. The most common one is the “UiS Mobility Scholarship” which gives financial support for a three-month stay (kr 18 000 per month in 2019). Note that these grants are meant to cover additional costs related to your research stay abroad and must only be used for this purpose. They come in addition to your ordinary salary. There are also certain requirements applicants must fullfill.

Can I bring my family with me?
Generally, you are free to take your family with you when travelling abroad. As far as the financial support is concerned, some schemes, such as NFR Utenlandsstipend, grant a higher rate for researchers travelling with family (kr 33 000 per month in 2019). If you apply for UiS Mobility Scholarship, some faculties might grant you a higher rate in accordance with NFR’s rate. Check with your faculty before you apply.

Is there someone who can guide me through the process?
There are several people than can assist you depending on what you need. For possible funding options contact the Research and Innovation Department (FIA), for practical matters contact, with respect to questions related to taxes and settlement of grants contact or However, please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to resolve are practical matters, such as visa, informing the authorities, finding accommodation abroad etc. (your host institution might be able to help you).