Thesis writing / article publication

I write an article-based thesis. How many articles do I need?
The exact number of articles required in the dissertation varies across faculties and departments. It also depends on the status of the article and your role, i.e. whether the article is submitted, accepted or published by a journal as well as if you have written it as a first or a sole author. The Faculty of Social Sciences requires 3 articles as first author, 2 of which have to be submitted for publication and 1 accepted or published. The Faculty of Arts and Education expects you to have 3-5 publishable articles.

All together, they must represent a consistent entity. Their interrelation and coherence must be demonstrated in the synopsis of the thesis (“kappe”).

What is a synopsis of the PhD thesis (the “kappe”)?
The "kappe" is an academic text of which the PhD candidate is the sole author. Together with the scientific articles, it forms the PhD thesis. In the "kappe", the candidate is expected to demonstrate the articles' contribution to answering the question(s) that the thesis as a whole intends to address. Thus, the "kappe" should collocate, deepen, explain and supplement the articles rather than to summarize them.   

In the Guidelines for Evaluation of Candidates for Norwegian Doctoral Degree it is stated: "If the thesis consists of several interrelated minor works, the evaluation committee must assess whether the content of the individual works forms a whole. In such cases, the candidate must document the integrated nature of the work in a separate section by not only summarising but also comparing the research questions and conclusions presented in the separate works. This part of the thesis is of vital importance both for the doctoral candidate and for the committee's evaluation of the work submitted."

Should my supervisor automatically be listed as a co-author on all my articles?
There are clear rules applying for who can be listed as co-author, with a slight variation across disciplines. Generally, only those who have actually contributed to the documentation, and analysis and writing of a scientific work may be credited as co-authors. More detailed information can be found on the website of the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees.

What are the formatting requirements for the PhD thesis? How does the printing procedure work? How much time should I reserve for this?
Making a correct pdf file can sometimes be very time consuming. We therefore strongly advise you to use the electronic template available by the IT department from the very beginning. When your thesis is ready for submission, you must contact the PhD coordinator at your faculty to get contact information to the UiS printing office (Attende). They print all the theses accepted at UiS and will guide you through the whole process. The timeframe depends on their workload, but normally it does take 2-3 work days.

I am required to write a popular science piece based on my research; can the communication department help me with this?
Yes! Depending on your faculty affiliation, contact one of the following: Elin Nyberg (Arts & Education), Leiv Gunnar Lie (Science & Technology), Karen Anne Okstad (Social Sciences/Health/Business). Each faculty has also a local communication adviser. Feel free to ask them too.