UiS Mobility Scholarship – Guidelines for Grant and Use

PhD candidates enrolled in one of the UiS PhD programmes can apply for mobility scholarships to finance a three-month research stay at an approved institution outside Norway.

The mobility scheme includes all PhD programmes at UiS, and the scholarship is calculated according to the Norwegian Research Council’s rates for overseas research grants (some faculties grant higher rates for PhD candidates travelling with family). The scholarship is intended to cover expenses in connection with settling abroad, as well as additional expenditures.

  • PhD candidates who submit a complete application form are guaranteed funding for three months.
  • It is possible to split the research stay into shorter periods of at least 6 weeks each.
  • If such shorter periods do not add up to 3 months in total, it is up to the respective faculty to decide whether financial support is granted.
  • For research stays beyond 3 months, the additional time spent abroad must normally be funded by other sources than UiS Mobility Scholarship. However, the faculties are free to grant additional funding.

The intention of the mobility scheme is to help students who are unable to obtain overseas research grants elsewhere. Support is not granted in addition to other funding sources.

Applicants must, to the extent possible, seek other external funding sources before applying for the UiS scholarship, or state in a brief report why this was not possible. Applicants must also inform the faculty if they obtain funding from other internal or external sources, after submission of their application for UiS Mobility Scholarship. In this case, the funding from other sources will be used to cover the three-month research stay or parts of it if the funding does not suffice to cover the entire period. These funds can also be used to cover an additional period beyond three months.

For tax purposes a budget proposal must be added to estimated additional expenses in connection with the stay abroad. The additional expenses can be specified on the Form for payment and settlement of grants for studies abroad. For more information on tax rules regarding payment of scholarships and tips for stays abroad, see Guidelines for paying and settlement of grants. All relevant forms and documents can be found here.

Application procedure
In order to apply, the candidate must fill out a standard application form and send it to the administrative PhD coordinator at their faculty. The financial support will be paid out shortly before the date of departure.

There is no fixed application deadline for the mobility scholarship. Applications should be submitted minimum three months prior to the research stay, and the payment is normally made within one month before the date of departure.

The application must contain:

  • Completed application form
  • Binding invitation from the host institution, confirming that you, upon arrival, will have a place to work and receive professional follow-up.
  • Rejection from external funding source(s), or a short statement on why it was not possible to seek other sources.
  • Budget proposal on estimated additional expenses in connection with a research stay abroad.
  • The main supervisor must sign the application and confirm that the overseas research stay will be an integrated and relevant part of your doctoral study.

Within one month upon returning from your research stay, the faculty must receive a report that briefly describes the academic value of the stay and how the scholarship was used. The report form will be sent to you.

Practical information
The PhD candidate is responsible for all the practicalities related to the travel and research stay, such as visa, accommodation, tickets etc. Useful information and tips on how to plan and fund your research stay abroad and all corresponding practicalities is provided on UiS intranet.