Organization of Doctoral Education

The University of Stavanger has one central Research Committee and three faculty doctoral committees that handle matters related to doctoral education.

The Research Committee

The Research Committee was established in 2004, and addresses the institutional need for the coordination and management of common rules and procedures as well as overall the quality assurance of doctoral education. The Rector chairs the Committee. Permanent members of the committee are the University Director, Deans of the Faculties, Director of the Archeological Museum (AM), CEO of IRIS and the head of the doctoral candidates’ interest group, UiSDC. The Prorector, the Director for Strategy and Communication, Vice-Deans of Research and the Research Director at AM are attending deputies. The Division for Research and Innovation has the secretarial responsibility for the Research Committee.

Doctoral Committees at the Faculties

The Doctoral Committees at the faculty undertake the academic and administrative responsibility for PhD studies. The faculty doctoral committees were established in 2004 and are led by the Vice-Dean for Research at the respective faculty. Representatives from the scientific community are the permanent members and a representative elected by the doctoral candidates is present as an observer. The faculty’s administrative PhD coordinator is the committee secretary.

The mandate of the committees

Academic Manager for Doctoral Studies

An academic manager is appointed for each of the university's doctoral programmes. This person serves as the key contact person for the programme, in charge of its development and coordination. In line with the job description, he/she shall contribute to the coordination of coursework, develop cooperation agreements with other institutions having similar programmes, be involved in preparing cases for the doctoral committee and initiate joint seminars and workshops. The academic managers work closely with the PhD coordinators at their respective faculties.

PhD Secretariat

The PhD Secretariat consists of the PhD coordinators at the faculties and those working centrally. These coordinators work closely together and function as both administratice coordinators and contact persons for candidates, supervisors and others who have questions about the institution's doctoral education. They also function as secretaries for the research committee and the doctoral committees. For contact information, see the back of the guide.

UiS Doctoral Community (UiS DC)

UiS DC is the PhD candidates' interest group. This is a nonprofit organization open to all PhD candidates at the University of Stavanger, which aims to bring together their professional and social interests. UiSDC has representatives in the Research Committee, the Doctoral Committees at the faculties and also in the Research Ethics Committee. UiSDC works in close cooperation with the PhD Secretariat. For more information about UiSDC and its contact persons, visit them here.