Doctoral Committees

In April 2004 four Doctoral Committees were established. One Research Committee and one committee for each of the three faculties.

The Research Committee shall:

  • take final decisions concerning research training at an institutional level
  • advice and coordinate across studies and programmes
  • monitor, guarantee quality assurance and report
  • work out and administer rules, common guidelines and routines
  • propose division of resources between studies and programmes
  • develop professional joint elements in central doctoral education
  • establish routines for the appointment of committees and completion of public defences.
  • develop excellent supervisory possibilities and practice for PhD candidates

The Doctoral Committees at the three faculties are responsible for their respective doctoral education programmes. This implies:

  • organizing and following up the practical completion of PhD education
  • admission of PhD candidates and cementing contacts between the academic environment and the candidate
  • approval of surpervisors and final course of study
  • following up the progress of PhD candidates admitted to the faculty's own PhD programmes, as well as PhD candidates formally registered at other institutions
  • nomination of doctoral commitees and determination of topics for trial lectures
  • management of cases concerning PhD candidates
  • reporting to the faculty
  • advising the Dean in matters related to PhD education