Academic and social services

At the University of Stavanger, there are academic and social activities and events for PhD candidates and supervisors, both at the institutional level and at the faculty and departmental level. Some events and schemes are of a temporary nature and advertised on the internet as and when they happen. Only the permanent schemes are presented here.

Introductory Seminar "PhD Get Started"
Twice a year, the Research Department (FA) organizes an all-day seminar for new PhD candidates. The goal of the seminar is to familiarize PhD candidates with the organizational structure of doctoral education at UiS, support services and candidates’ rights and duties in the PhD programme. Academic and administrative staff from the different faculties, as well as representatives of PhD candidates, will be on hand to answer questions from the new PhD candidates. Some faculties might have their own introductory seminar which complements this institutional seminar.

University Library Services
On the website of the University Library you can find a lot of important information and helpful links. You can search the databases of books and scientific journals, online encyclopedias and dictionaries, government information, statistics, standards, etc. On the website you will find information about writing, publishing, literature surveillance and also key information regarding registration in Cristin and electronic publishing in UiS Brage. The library offers assistance in evaluating reserach publications so that you find the right journal for your article. Perhaps it can be published in an Open Access journal?

To keep track of your references and create good bibliographies, the library offers the reference management software EndNote. The library runs courses and gives guidance concerning both literature searches and EndNote. On the library's website, you can get access to website PhD on track, which offers candidates useful advide for dealing with research challenges. See the overview of courses on the library website or contact the University Library for more information.

The University Library can also quickly procure articles and books through the International Library Network.

Supervisor-Candidate Seminar
Once a year, the Research Department invites all PhD candidates and doctoral supervisors at the institution to an all-day seminar about challenges in Phd education. The seminar provides a good opportunity for networking within and across disciplines.

Courses in transferable skills (UiS Skills Development Programme)
In addition to the academic subjects, UiS offers trainng that assists in developing personal and professional skills that will benefit candidates in professional livers, whether that be in academia or elsewhere. The courses are under continous development and cover areas such as communication skills, presentation techniques and personal management. Information about current courses is published both on UiS website and intranet. The courses are usually in English.

Seminar on research ethics
Once a year, UiS organizes a half-day seminar on research ethics. The seminar addresses current topics such as plagiarism, scientific fraud and misconduct and good scientific practice. The seminar is public and open to all.

Conferral of the PhD Degree and the Annual Celebration
Every year in October, UiS celebrates its transition from University College to University. Årsfesten (The Annual Celebration) is a ceremonious function presided over by academic dignitaries and renowned speakers. The Rector confers the degree of Philosophiae Doctor during this ceremony and the winner of the prestigious Lyse research prize is also honoured during this ceremony.