Compulsory duties

PhD candidates who are appointed to the University of Stavanger will either be employed for three or four years. The Ministry of Education and Research’s regulations on employment in academic positions states that a regular, fixed term of tenure for fellowship positions is four years, including 25 percent compulsory duties. The period of employment covers three years of pure research.

Compulsory duties are normally carried out at the department. The employer, in this case the Head of Department, is responsible for the research fellow’s entire period of study and advises him/her of the time to be allocated to teaching duties.

Compulsory duties must be planned collaboratively by the the candidate, supervisor and employer, before completing Part A of the ABC  Agreement. The work that comprises compulsory duties must be clearly defined. Such work should, if possible, be meritorious assignments, relevant to the PhD programme, such as teaching, conducting research projects, administration of projects, or participation in departmental /institutional committees. Administrative duties should be limited to the greatest extent possible and should not exceed ten percent of the total annual working hours. The employer must ensure that the duties do not exceed the specified limit for compulsory work.