If the candidate, through the course of the programme, requires information that cannot be found in this guide, we recommend that they contact their supervisor(s), or alternatively the Head of Department/employer or the faculty's PhD coordinator.

The required coursework must consist of at least 30 credits (ECTS). Within the regulatory framework for required coursework, (Regulations § 4-1) the faculty decides which subjects are to be included in the coursework component of each programme. The requirements for content and scope will vary from programme to programme.

Requirements regarding training in scientific theory and research design/ethics, as well as in methodology are common to all studies. The remaining credits represent thematic/elective courses at the PhD level. Faculties maintain a directory of approved PhD courses. An overview of the courses offered for the various studies, both compulsory and elective, are listed on the PhD studies’ website.

Courses completed at another institution can be also be approved as a part of required coursework. Such courses must be approved by the faculty’s doctoral committee/research school prior to their implementation.

Supervisor(s) should be involved in the selection of topics by suggesting topics and discussing what would be most useful and practical in terms of subject matter and approach.