Guide for the Doctoral Programme at UiS

The Guide for the PhD education at UiS will provide information and practical tips for PhD candidates, supervisors, members of the evaluation committee and others who are involved in PhD programmes at the University of Stavanger.

The administrative responsibility for the PhD programme at the University of Stavanger is divided between the faculties and the PhD Education secretariat. A primary goal of the secretariat is to ensure that the apparatus for the PhD programme is as well oiled as possible, and this guide is a contribution towards that goal.

This document gives comprehensive information about the PhD programme at your fingertips, including practical tips for both current and potential candidates, supervisors and others involved in doctoral education at the University of Stavanger.

The guide is chronological and covers the most important components in the start-up phase, the course of study phase and the final phase. Each of the phases has its own summarized checklists, with important points for the concerned parties to remember. The necessary forms and normative documents are also available on these pages.

The guide is based on the Regulations for the degree Philosophiae Doctor (PhD). All doctoral level activity at the University of Stavanger is subject to these regulations. Candidates, internal and external supervisors and doctoral training administrators should all be well acquainted with these regulations.

The majority of our PhD candidates are employed as research fellows at the University of Stavanger. A few candidates have an external employer. Conditions of study at UiS apply for all doctoral students, regardless of employer, conditions of employment and terms of funding. There are rights and obligations, agreements and reporting procedures connected to conditions of employment and study. This guide deals mainly with the Ph.D. candidates’ conditions of study at UiS.

Should you not find what you are looking for in this guide, kindly contact your PhD coordinator.