Checklist for Chair of evaluation committee and the PhD coordinator

The faculty is responsible for organizing the public defence. The Chair of the evaluation committee and the faculty’s PhD coordinator have a pre-agreed upon division of responsibilities.

The Chair of the Evaluation Committee is responsible for the following tasks, in advance of, and on the day of the defence:

  • Agree upon on a progress plan for the final phase of the PhD with the candidate, the supervisor and the evaluation committee. There should not be a gap of more than 5 months between submission of the thesis and the public defence.
  • The date for the public defence can be set before the thesis has been approved, but it is important to remember that this involveds a risk of having to cancel the defence, in the event that the thesis is not approved. Remember that the PhD candidate, the supervisor, the committee members and the Dean are parties in stipulating the date of the public defence.
  • Ensure that the evaluation committee’s work in assessing the thesis is summarized in a well-reasoned report on whether the thesis is worthy of being defended for the PhD degree. The report should be ready no later than 25 working days before the planned defence. The PhD candidate, the supervisors and PhD Coordinator shall all receive their copy of the report.
  • Request the two opponents to suggest topics for the trial lecture and come to an agreement on the topic. Ensure that the PhD coordinator receives the topic for the trial lecture well in advance of the topic being publicized for the PhD candidate, at least ten working days prior to the public defence.
  • Manage the evaluation of the trial lecture and public defence. Complete the notification form from the evaluation committee and hand it over to the PhD Coordinator.
  • If the Chair of the evaluation committee wishes to host a dinner for the remaining committee members the night before the defense, the rules pertaining to entertaining expenses, and expenses for food and catering, the Personnel Manual for Civil Servants apply.

The faculty’s PhD coordinator isnormally responsible for the following tasks, in advance of, and on the day of the defence:

  • Ensure that the PhD candidate has the opportunity to send written comments on the evaluation committee's composition, once the doctoral committee has approved the composition of the committee.
  • Send the thesis to the committee, together with an overview of where the work was completed, the name of the supervisor(s), documentation of approved coursework and declarations of co-authorship, if any.
  • Send the PhD regulations, Guidelines for the Evaluation of Norwegian doctoral degrees, and Procedures for Public Defence at UiS to the committee members.
  • Ensure that the topic for the trial lecture is published and that the candidate is informed of said topic at 10 a.m., ten working days before the trial lecture.
  • Book a room for the public defence. Also ensure that the committee members have a room for their use between the trial lecture and public defence, should both fall on the same day.
  • Make arrangements in cooperation with the Chair of the evaluation committee regarding the arrival and departure of the committee members and ensure that accommodation will be arranged.
  • Arrange lunch for the committee members, the supervisor and the moderator on the day of the defence.
  • Make sure you have an IT expert on hand during the public defence.
  • Show the defence venue and the available equipment to the committee members. Make arrangements if they want to use the microphone.
  • Once the thesis has been approved, ensure that the committee members sign a copy.
  • Ensure that the committee members receive the necessary forms for reimbursement of travel expenses and payment of fees well in advance of the defence. Also ensure that they subsequently send a copy of their passport, the completed travel expense form and the form for remuneration to the faculty
  • Ensure that the thesis is available in the auditorium from 12:00. It would also be convenient to have copies of the thesis summary readily available at the venue of the defence.