Checklist for PhD candidate

  • As you approache the submission of your thesis, contact the PhD coordinator at the faculty, for a review of the procedures in the final phase
  • Hand in documentation regarding completion of the coursework component to the faculty's PhD coordinator well in advance of the thesis submission
  • Hand in the stipulated form for the application of the dissertation to the PhD coordinator, along with the necessary attachments
  • After the dissertation has been approved you will, in cooperation with Attende, make an official UiS front page for the thesis
  • Fill in the press release form for doctoral degree
  • Contact the PhD coordinator at the faculty to get a serial number, ISBN and ISSN numbers to be assigned to the thesis
  • Contact the printery to arrange printing and to ascertain the form in which the thesis must be submitted to them
  • The electronic template for the dissertation can be obatined from IT services
  • Notify the IT manager about the need for AV aids during the public defence and test the equipment beforehand
  • Contact the University Library regarding electronic publication in Brage