Checklist for supervisor

  • Check the PhD Regulations for the University of Stavanger
  • Check that all formalities are in place. If the final research plan was changed during the course of study, has approval been sought and granted for the new plan?
  • Run a plagarism check before the thesis is sent to the committee (applies for supervisors at the Faculty of Science and Technology).
  • Is the coursework completed in a satisfactory way and approved by the doctoral committee?
  • There should not be a gap of more than 5 months between submission of the thesis and the public defence and it is the responsibility of the main supervisor to inform the correct organs at the institution of an imminent thesis submission so that the necessary preparations can begin
  • Ensure that the scientific community, through the Head of Department, hands in the proposal for the evaluation committee to the Doctoral Committee, well in advance of the thesis submission.
  • Ensure that the Chair of the defence receives current information about the PhD candidate's previous education, date of admission, research plan etc.
  • Remember that the PhD candidate may need extra guidance in the run up to the defence