Printing and publication

The thesis must be approved by the evaluation committee before it can be printed.

As soon as your dissertation is approved for public defence, contact your PhD coordinator at the faculty to be assigned a dissertation serail number, and ISSN number and an ISBN number. These numbers must be printed on the thesis covers.

The University of Stavanger's official cover and templates for the PhD thesis must be used. The University printery, Attende, located on the university campus, has access to the standardized cover and templates for the PhD thesis, and will print the thesis.

The dissertation must be printed in accordance with the established template. Electronic templates are available through the IT department. Making a correct pdf file can sometimes be very timeconsuming.

A certain number copies of the completed thesis must be submitted to the PhD coordinator at the faculty:

  • 50 copies at the Faculty of Science and Technology
  • 80 copies at the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • 80 copies at the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • 70 copies at the Faculty of Arts and Education

The invoice for the required number of copies can be charged to the faculty. If the candidate wishes additional copies, these must normally be paid for by the candidate.

The dissertation will be publicly available at the University of Stavanger's library no later than two weeks before the public defense. Attende ensures that two copies of the thesis are submitted to the library.

The doctoral thesis is published electronically at UiS Brage unless there are specific reasons for not doing so, such as significant third-party copyright material that is included in the thesis. The University Library is responsible for both the clarification of the rights of publishers, and obtaining the consent of co-authors, if any. The candidate/author retains copyright of their thesis, unless they themselves transfer the copyright. A copy of the thesis will be made available during the public defence.