Submission of Doctoral thesis

The application for assessment of the doctoral thesis may only be submitted to the faculty after the required coursework has been approved and a proposal with the composition of the Evaluation Committee must be sent (with or without the thesis) to the faculty's Doctoral Committee.

The PhD candidate must hand in the following documents to the faculty’s PhD coordinator:

  • Stipulated form for the application for assessment of the dissertation
  • Seven copies of the dissertation
  • Declaration of co-authorship on a stipulated form. If the thesis contains joint work, declarations must be obtained from the other authors, clarifying co-authorship in the individual works
  • Documentation of authorizations, if any
  • Documentation of approved doctoral training
  • Report on completed 50% and 90% seminars, if applicable

A completed press release form from the PhD candidate must also be handed in at a later stage.

The PhD coordinator can assist with further information in this process.

Normally, the seven copies submitted are regular prints. These can be in a booklet format or bound in a simple manner. The final version is sent to the printing press after the dissertation has been approved.

The press release form must be submitted once the dissertation is approved for public defence. It can be completed together with the supervisor. The completed form and the portrait photograph (high resolution) are handed in, either directly to the Department of Strategy and Communication or to the PhD coordinator. If the candidate wishes for the press release to be sent to a particular newspaper, he/she can express this is as a special request.

After submission, the PhD candidate is only allowed to make corrections of a formal nature, which will have no significance for the content of the thesis. The errata of changes shall be submitted to the PhD coordinator, at the latest, four weeks before the evaluation committee presents its report.

The faculty may permit a revision of the thesis on the basis of the evaluation committee's preliminary comments, in accordance with Regulations § 16.2.

If the thesis is rejected, re-submission can only take place after six months.