Trial lecture

The trial lecture is an independent part of the examination for the PhD degree and is held on an assigned topic. The purpose is to test the candidate’s ability to acquire knowledge beyond the topic of the doctoral thesis and to convey this knowledge during a lecture.

The lecture(s) must be of a high academic standard, but communicated in such a way as to be followed by those with the knowledge corresponding that which would be found among advanced students of the subject. The lecture will last for 45 minutes. 

The PhD candidate will be informed of the title/subject of the trial lecture ten working days prior to the lecture. The topic of the lecture must not have a direct connection to the topic of the thesis, but shall help to document the candidate's academic breadth within the chosen field.

The trial lecture must be approved before the public defence can be held.The faculty decides whether the trial lecture will be held separately or on the same day as the defense.

Procedures related to the trial lecture are further described in Regulations § 8-1 and 8-2, and also in the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Norwegian Doctoral Degrees, available on the university website.