Mid-term evaluation

A mid-term evaluation of doctoral thesis work will be conducted either in the Third semester or at the latest, during the fourth semester. The candidate will present his/her work for assessment by an evaluation team, consisting of two persons appointed by the faculty (cf. the PhD Regulations §10-2).

Mid-term evaluation is of great significance to the candidate's work process. It opens up a possibility to discuss the PhD project with peers, and offers candidates a chance to refine and develop all the elements of the research design and its internal consistency.

Mid-term evaluation is usually conducted in the form of a public seminar. The duration is usually about two hours, while this may vary across faculties. Composition of the evaluation team may also vary. At the Faculty of Arts and Education, it is compulsory to have at least one external member. It is important that the supervisor(s) and the candidate make themselves familiar with the guidelines at their faculty.

If the evaluation team reports significant weakness in the research work, measures must be taken to rectify the situation.

90% seminar
At the Faculty of Social Sciences and, optionally, at the Faculty of Health Sciences a 90% seminar will be held towards the end of the PhD training period, prior to the candidate submitting his/her thesis for evaluation. The 90% seminar is public, and is essentially a conversation between the candidate and a commentator, whose task it is to evaluate and provide critical and constructive feedback on the thesis. This gives the candidate an opportunity to refine work in a final phase and to prepare for the thesis defence.