Regulations and forms

General regulations and guidelines

Regulations for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) at the University of Stavanger (from 1 January 2020)

Regulations for the degree Doctor Philosophiae (Dr. Philos.) at the University of Stavanger (from 1 January 2020)

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Norwegian Doctoral Degrees

Regulations concerning terms and conditions of employment for the posts of postdoktor (post-doctoral research fellow), stipendiat (research fellow), vitenskapelig assistent (research assistant) and spesialistkandidat (resident)

UiS Mobility Scholarship - Guidelines for assignment and use

Ethical Guidelines for Supervisors/Employees at the UiS

Evaluation of Quality and Progress of PhD Projects (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Guide for PhD Education at the UiS

Procedure for public defence of PhD dissertations (PhD Social Sciences)

Start-up phase

Application form for admission to PhD programmes at the University of Stavanger

Application guidelines

Template for Agreement on admission to the PhD programme, part A, B, and C

Template for final project plan - General guidelines (PhD Social Sciences)

Template for PhD thesis | Documentation | Tips  

Course of study phase

Progress report for candidates

Progress report for supervisors

Application form Mobility scholarship

Report form for research stay abroad

Co-author statement - PhD Social Sciences

Co-author statement - Faculty of Science and Technology

Co-author statement - Faculty of Arts and Education

Application form PhD courses

Application form for changing PhD supervisor (PhD Social Sciences)

Application form for approval of external PhD courses (PhD Social Sciences)

Application for approval of the doctoral training component (PhD Social Sciences)

Final phase

Press release form for doctoral degree

Application for assessment of doctoral dissertation

Template for the Assessment Committee's Report (PhD Social Sciences)

Template PhD Thesis (English) (PhD Social Sciences)