Application for Admission

All candidates, irrespective of funding, must apply for admission to the programme / course of study. Once funding/the letter of appointment is in place, the application for admission to the programme must be delivered to the administrative PhD coordinator at the concerned faculty.

The faculty’s doctoral committee must approve the application before the candidate takes up the position and the approval must be in place prior to the commencement of funding. PhD candidates funded by external parties are required to submit an application for admission as soon as the supervisor has been contacted and a draft proposal has been submitted.

According to Regulation § 5.1 Conditions for Admission, the application must include:

1. Documention of education that forms the basis for admission

To be admitted to the PhD programme, applicants must have a five year masters degree or its equivalent. Applicants must have a strong academic background. Both the grade for the masters thesis and the weighted average grade of the masters degree, must individually be equivalent to or better than a B grade (See Regulations § 5 Admission)

2. Description of the PhD project that includes:

  • A scientific description of the project, which includes thematic area, research questions and the choice of theory and methodology
  • Progress plan
  • Funding plan
  • Plan for the coursework
  • Plans, if any, for study abroad / stay at another institution
  • Plan for research dissemination
  • Documentation of special needs for academic and material resources
  • Information about any restrictions on intellectual property rights that are intended to protect the rights of others
  • An account of any legal and/or ethical issues raised by the project and how these can be addressed and clarified

3. Proposal of at least one supervisor as well as a statement of association with an active research community

Applications must be submitted to the appropriate faculty on the stipulated application form. The main academic supervisor must sign the application. The relevant department/centre must certify that office space and other infrastructural assistance can be provided to the candidate.