Application Processing

The faculty’s doctoral committee handles application for admission to the PhD programme.

Admission of candidates can be final, but the finality can also be subject to funding, admission capacity, the individual coursework plan, further development of the scientific rationale of the project, additional educational qualifications and/or intellectual property agreements. The basis for the admission decision and its contents are described in Regulations § 5-3. If the application for admission is rejected, the candidate has the opportunity to appeal in accordance with  Regulations § 25.1.

If the outcome of the admission process is positive, the faculty will send the PhD candidate a letter of admission and the admission agreement, together with the University of Stavanger’s PhD Regulations and Guide for PhD Education. If the admission is conditional, the letter of admission issued by the doctoral committee will provide a deadline for the preparation and submission of the final work plan for doctoral training.

The candidate and main supervisor should work as quickly as possible to rewrite the project description and assess the need for adjustments. This process must be complete no later than three months after the admission decision has been taken.

PhD candidates have an obligation to be in residence at the University of Stavanger for a period of six months.