Appointment and funding

There are different ways to fund a PhD programme. The most common of these is full funding through grants, which normally leads to employment at the University of Stavanger. An employer can also fund a PhD candidate and other sources of external funding are also accepted. Private funding is normally not allowed.

The majority of our PhD students are funded through scholarship/grant schemes that enable employment relations between the candidate and the University of Stavanger. Once the employment relation is clarified, the candidate should send in an application for admission to the PhD programme at the earliest, as admission to the programme is a pre-condition for assuming the position of a research fellow.

The application deadline for admission to the doctoral program must be clearly stated in the employment contract. Furthermore, it must be clearly stated when the final work plan for the research program will be submitted for approval. The plan must name the main academic supervisor and the research group to which the research fellow will be connected. If an application for admission is not in place within the deadline stated in the employment contract, the employer has grounds to consider terminating the employment contract.

When an applicant is the recipient of external funding, the employment relation is not managed by the University of Stavanger. In this situation, the financial terms of participation in the PhD programme must be clarified by the funding party and the University of Stavanger before the application can be approved. The UiS requirement is that external funding must cover an amount in line with the Research Council of Norway’s round sum for funding PhD candidates. This sum includes salary, social security costs, social and operating costs and well as funding for study abroad periods. 

Applicants, who are not fully funded through scholarship schemes, must produce documentation assuring that a minimum of 50% of their working hours during the PhD programme can be used for PhD education and that a minimum of one year can be allocated to full time studies.

Regular rules of employment apply to PhD candidates, whether they are employed at the University of Stavanger or by an external party. Guidelines pertaining to conditions of employment at the University of Stavanger are maintained in the Personnel Manual. In addition, the research fellowships are governed by the Regulations concerning terms and conditions of employment for the posts of post-doctoral research fellow, research fellow, research assistant and resident (2006).