Formalisation of Admission

If the application process results in admission, this is formalised through a written document, “Agreement on Admission to the PhD Programme”.

The ABC agreement, which is sent to the candidate along with the letter of admission, consists of Part A, B and in some cases, C. 

  • Part A is the general agreement required from all PhD candidates admitted to a PhD programme. The contracting parties in Part A are the PhD candidate and the institution (represented by the faculty and department).
  • Part B is an agreement on academic and scientific supervision in doctoral training that is also required for all PhD candidates who are admitted to a PhD programme. The contracting parties in Part B are the PhD candidate, supervisor (s) and the institution (represented by the department). If a candidate has more than one formal supervisor, then Part B of the agreement must be entered into with each of the supervisors.
  • Part C is an agreement between the external institution and the university regarding the completion of the PhD programme. Part C is only required for those PhD candidates who either have external funding, or those who have another workplace than the University of Stavanger. The agreement can also be used for PhD candidates who work at another department / faculty / center at UiS than that which the candidate is affiliated to according to the admission agreement in Part A. If a candidate is associated with two external institutions (i.e., an external funding institution and another institution offering a workplace), agreements must be entered into with each of the external parties.

The agreement is completed and sent to the faculty's doctoral administration, through the administrative PhD coordinator within a month of receiving the letter of admission. 

During the course of the PhD programme, if there is a need for changes to the agreement, this shall be clarified in cooperation with the concerned department heads and this will also be duly noted in the progress report. Both leave and other conditions that result in changes to the agreement must be entered into the annual progress report.

It is important for PhD candidates to report extended, approved leaves of absence in order to have their funding period and period of study extended and also to register the correct completion time of the doctoral degree. Approved leaves of absence, extended sick leave, compulsory duties and scheduled part-time studies are not included in the execution time when UiS reports to the Ministry.