PhD Programme in Educational Sciences

The PhD is Educational Sciences is a doctoral programme at the Faculty of Arts and Education. The programme is run in close collaboration with the PhD programme in Literacy at the same faculty.

A teathcer and four children at a table. Illustation picture in an article about the PhD programme in Educational Science at UiS.

Educational Science is a multidisciplinary scientific field. With its breadth and complexity, it can accommodate a range of educational disciplines and sub-disciplines. Additionally, it also covers educational research, which is anchored in both the social sciences - notably psychology and sociology – and the humanities.

Educational Sciences encompasses research on learning, teaching and education within various social institutions. Questions related to learning / teaching / education in kindergartens, schools, families, areas of leisure and workplaces are relevant areas for knowledge development in this scientific field. As a result, the doctoral programme is open for a wide spectrum of PhD projects.

The programme is managed by the Department of Education and Sports Science, but runs in close collaboration with departments and centers at the faculty. The PhD in Educational Sciences is a result of the faculty’s wish to further develop the currently defunct PhD programme in Special Education.

The PhD in Special Education was anchored in three key thematic areas: Social and emotional difficulties, Reading and writing difficulties and Inclusive Education. The transition to PhD in Educational Sciences marks and creates possibilities for new thematic areas such as Kindergarten Education, Teachers’ and Preschool Teachers' Professional Knowledge, Sports and Didactics.

In addition to the individual research projects conducted at the faculty, research at the faculty is organized into different programme areas, which provide support to the faculty’s doctoral programmes. Researchers from the various programme areas contribute to the PhD programme in Educational Sciences through their participation in seminars and courses, and also by their supervision of PhD candidates.