Instruction component

The instruction component shall include the academic and methodical training required to carry out work on the dissertation.

The instruction component shall include courses amounting to a minimum of 30 credits. At least 10 of these credits shall include the course(s) in philosophy of science and ethics on the relevant level. The faculties may determine additional regulations for the contents of the instruction component.

The instruction component should be completed at the beginning of the study programme and must be approved before submission of the dissertation. The faculty may grant exemption from part of the instruction component in the event that the student has completed equivalent and approved instruction or courses at another unit or organization.

Instruction component for Educational Sciences
The instruction component must amount to at least 30 credits, divided as follows:
Philosophy of science (10 credits), research methods (10 credits, qualitative and/or quantitative) and subject-specific courses (10 credits). Five of the ten credits in the subject-specific component may be chosen among subject-specific courses in the current curriculum, or the candidate may attend courses at other institutions following an approval by the PhD committee.