PhD Programme in Health and Medicine

The PhD programme in Health and Medicine is a doctoral programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Health and Medicine describes a field of research which works to improve the medical services and thus public health.

Dummy patient in hospital bed. Illustration picture in article about the PhD Programme in Healt and Medicine at UiS.

The health problems we face today differ from earlier health challenges. Previously, bacterial infectious diseases that threatened people's health - today we have the HIV virus epidemic which is the largest public health problem in Africa. Today's health problems to a greater extent linked to the individual's lifestyle and ability to safeguard their own health. We see significant health challenges in relation to chronic diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, cancer, diabetes, obesity, COPD, asthma and dementia.

It is therefore a need to integrate research in medicine and health with elements from several disciplines in order to obtain knowledge about the relationships of individual, structural and social factors. That requires both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in which natural sciences – scientific method is central. Other current methods based on social science, epidemiology and health services research.

Program in Health and Medicine will be on a broad methodology to facilitate multi - disciplinary approaches to scientific research, where several disciplines including clinical and translational medicine, nursing, chiropractic, patient safety, and psychology has its natural place. The program will help to develop knowledge that puts patients and healthcare professionals better able to meet tomorrow's health challenges. It will aim to develop PhD students the skills to conduct research that increases understanding of how factors at different levels and areas that affect human health.