Instruction component

The instruction component shall include the academic and methodical training required to carry out work on the dissertation.

The instruction component has to include at least 30 ECTS, and has to be disposed as follows:

  • 10 ECTS within Philosophy of Science and Ethics
  • 10 ECTS within Methodology
  • 10 ECTS within your specialization area

Participation in active research environment locally, nationally and internationally is obligatory. All candidates have to give a presentation to document their research progress internally at University of Stavanger once a year, which will be evaluated and has to be reported in the progress report. In addition all candidates have to present their research results at an international conference.

Academic presentations are obligatory and have to include these elements:

  • Minimum a yearly presentation of progress within the research environment at University of Stavanger.
  • Minimum one lecture a year within the research area for master or bachelor students.
  • At least one presentation at an international conference during the research training period.
  • At least one published popular science article during the research training period.