PhD Programme in Social Sciences

The aim of the PhD programme in Social Sciences is to prepare PhD candidates for a career in research and higher education, as well as for other work that requires advanced scientific expertise and analytical skills.

Society needs graduates with strong analytical skills. The overall purpose of the programme is to give the PhD candidates a thorough theoretical and methodological background, along with the experience of completing a substantial piece of original scientific work (the PhD thesis). Therefore, our PhD programme will deliver a research education that focusses on academic excellence. The purpose of the PhD program is to educate candidates that are able to conduct research at a high scientific level. Most of the PhD students continue to do research at universities or other research institutions. The candidates are also attractive for public and private employers that make use of research in their operations.

The PhD programme in Social Sciences includes the following research schools:

Research School on Politics and Society
Research School in Economics and Business Administration
Research School in Radical Interdisciplinarity
Research School in Service leadership, international business & hospitality management
Research School of Social Work and Welfare

The program is aimed at social science research that focuses on how the benefits and values are formed and applied, how values are apportioned and how the formation and distribution of values may be affected political or commercial. Researchers from the various programme areas contribute to the PhD programme in Social Sciences through their participation in seminars and courses, and also by their supervision of PhD candidates.