PhD in Social Sciences - admission process and application

Admission to the PhD programme normally requires applicants to have a five-year master's degree, see descriptions of the national qualification framework second cycle.

The faculty determines the education backgrounds approved for admission to the study programme. And can according to special assessment approve other equivalent qualification for admission. The faculty may impose additional requirements for qualifications using criteria that are openly available and in line with the institution's recruitment policies and academic profile.

The applicant must have a strong academic background. The grade for the thesis and the weighted average grade of the Master's programme, must both separately equal B or better. Applicants with a background from other disciplines than those approved by the faculty for admission to the study, or with a weaker grade basis, can be admitted by special assessment. These applicants must document that they very likely will be able to complete a PhD programme in the prescribed time. If necessary it may be required additional documentation of the academic level, for example through a preliminary examination. Such applicants may also, if necessary, be required to take qualifying courses and / or additional courses within a given time (see the Regulations for the PhD degree at UiS § 1-5).